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Communication is what we do best, and there are many tools to be used. We have chosen those which capitalize on human relations, as they are our most powerful and long-term assets. Your brand image is your most precious asset for the future of your company. We define an adequate targeted strategy with you to deploy these communication tools in order to protect your best interests.


The event industry

Press relations

Organization of Festivals and Congresses

And, on a more personal note…

Planning high-end wedding parties


Behind the scenes of our unrivalled expertise

Jewelers, haute couture workshops, the craftsmen behind the most exclusive leather goods, all these people design customized pieces, down to the last details.
BP Com has the same philosophy.

The object that epitomizes our profession is the iceberg.
If you look at an iceberg in the middle of the oceans and lakes, you will only notice ten per cent of its overall volume. What you see is beautiful, elegant, surprising.

What you can’t see is the long hours spent on the job, the constant changes, the time needed to align everything, the late nights and early mornings, everything behind the scenes. Nobody can imagine the risks, the responsibilities, and the challenges that are part of our job.

Our goal

We develop relationships of trust and understanding


Our most precious partner

Since the creation of BP Com, we use art and express it in all its forms in our projects: music, painting, sculpture, photography, gastronomy, floral design, and theatre… We will select the art form that serves best your image and the message that you want to deliver.


Let's get to know each other!

Brigitte Pellero

Your feet on the ground and head in the stars

Michel Chevalet, Head of the Science Department of TF1, would always mention the « Brigitte-style » operations led by BP Com. He is the one who coined the name BP Com, back in 1991!

Brigitte Pellero, who founded BP Com this same year, has extensive field experience. Pellero has a strong management and operational background in different fields that complement each others: 12 years in an international horticulture and landscaping business, 5 years in international trade fairs, conferences and PR, 2 years in institutional settings, 2 years in journalism and image production. It explains the intense and very personal dynamic that Brigitte has given to the business since the creation of BP Com, fostered by a constant research of excellence and immense curiosity.

The customer relationship or The chameleon effect

This chameleon effect is a combination of know-how, intuition, observation, experience, and imagination… It is real. We immediately feel the atmosphere of the place and adjust to it.
When we walk into a company or meet a client, we hear him out; we let him do the talking.
Let’s experience it together, on our first meeting at your company’s offices. This personal relationship is key to build confidence; this is the essence of good PR.

BP Com assesses the facts, the goals to reach, the means used to do so, as discussed during this first meeting. For each request we provide our clients with a precise quote. Once the assignment is approved, the firsts step is to interview the client or clients in order to set up a schedule with all the actions to take. We will then issue a coordination document for any operation (up to the D day of the event), outlining each step leading to the full execution of the event. Bespoke is the key word.

Our strengths:

  • Notre carnet d’adresses
  • Our contacts
  • Our in-depth knowledge of the political socio-economic fabric of the French Riviera
  • Our ability to be pro-active and to follow-up, which is our DNA
  • A unique point of contact
  • Our world-class creative and event production team leads an unparalleled network of partners
  • We provide bespoke services and deliver powerfully engaging experiences, and we approach communication from a public relations perspective
  • Our expertise in matters of protocol
  • A solid know-how in logistics
  • Writing, true happiness!

Our accomplishments

This is how we can define the events produced by BP COM: Refined, hilarious, moving, Italian, institutional, Japanese, innovative, superb, accurate … Here are three examples:

Cogedim Méditerranée

For the last 25 years COGEDIM MÉDITERRANÉE have trusted us with their event planning & Media Relations: launching real estate programs, laying the foundation stone, marketing campaigns, inaugurations. A press release, based on a precise analysis of the product and the market, has led to the sale of a luxury apartment. So many memories shared together and so many bespoke events! We have a solid reputation for production excellence, precision attention and creating memorable memories.
And last but not least, one of the best compliments we ever received “ you always put this extra touch of soul behind everything you do….».

Odeon Sisley Spa

The Press launch of Odeon Sisley Spa at Odeon Tower (Monaco)

Golden Services, who are the sole managers of the Odeon Spa, had entrusted us with the organization of the Press Conference in this spectacular venue. It was back in February 2016. Golden Services then had a partner, Star Wellness, a company specialized in designing Haute Couture Spas. We provided the press release and press kit, the image bank with captions, managed the invitation of the media and the set-up of the event… the room was packed. The subsequent impact was huge: back cover of « Nice-Matin », all editions, front cover of « Riviera Inside », articles in the press (specialized press, economic press and women’s magazines), interviews on the radio, TV …


Happy Birthday! SAGEC turns 50.
The key message was to put forward SAGEC’s presence in FIVE French regions. The gastronomic specialties of each region, revisited with great success by the Michelin-star Bruno Oger, accompanied by the best wines, were here to showcase this regional presence. The event was beautifully staged, with the SAGEC color code, and the guests dived into a festive ambiance decorated with white veils, blue lights, a wall of orchids, brilliant musicians, and large reproductions.

A relationship of trust

Proud to partner with


Let’s hear what our clients say

Elegance, professionalism, responsiveness epitomize the expertise of the BP Com Agency. Our first event with the Agency dates back from 1994. Since then, we have built a solid relationship of trust over time. All our major events have been handled to this day by Brigitte Pellero, whether it is event planning or press relations, we have always been fully satisfied with her achievements.

Jean-Marie EBEL for SNC Cogedim Méditerranée (2016)

The organization, on the one hand, of the six receptions called “guided tours”, and on the other hand, of the inauguration dinner at the Negresco, was of utmost importance to us. You have displayed incredible talent, elegance, excellence production and rare skills in terms of public relations and protocol. You have produced legendary celebrations for the most discerning audience from political, artistic and business backgrounds. Let me congratulate you for your high degree of professionalism which produced these memorable experiences … (Inauguration of the Nice TRAMWAY & its art collection)

Olivier Henri SAMBUCCHI, Director of the cultural and touristic development of the community, NICE CÔTE D’AZUR (2008)

Ms Brigitte Pellero is a great professional and she has developed an excellent relationship with the local, national and international press with the constant aim of enhancing the visibility and reputation of the Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat. She has contributed immensely to organizing our flagship events during our 15 years of collaboration (Music Festival, Park of Sculptures, Club Dauphin, refurbishment of the Palace…). She has always shown great flexibility and made herself available at all times. Thanks to her constant enthusiasm and sense of initiative, she has contributed greatly to the growth of the Grand-Hôtel and to its reputation.

Zoé TEDESCO, General Manager of the Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat (2004)


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